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These brownies, originally from a cookbook for feeding toddlers are some of the best and easiest I have ever made. They are from "Finger Food For Babies And Toddlers" by Jennie Maizels....

100g/4oz butter
50g/2oz cocoa powder (I use Green and Blacks)
2 eggs
225g/8oz caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
50g/2oz self-raising flour
50g/2oz white chocolate chips (I usually use choc chunks, they're bigger)

1-Preheat oven to 180c/350f/gas 4
2-Take a shallow baking tin, approx 23cm/9inch square, and line the bottom with non-stick liner or baking parchment (very important you do this).
3-Melt the butter, then add the cocoa powder, stirring well to remove any lumps (I use my mini whisk)
4-Beat the eggs in a large bowl, add the sugar and mix until smooth.
5-Stir in the cocoa mixture, white choc chunks and the vanilla extract and mix well.
6-Add the flour and mix gently with a spoon, be careful not to overmix.
7-Pour mixture into the lined baking tin and place in the middle of the oven for about 25mins. When done the brownies should be crisp on top and soft in the middle. Leave to cool for 10mins in the tin before turning out onto a board and then cutting into squares.

You can vary what you put in these brownies, I experiment with milk choc chunks, pecans, raisins, dried cranberries, coconut etc. My favourite is pecans and plain choc chunks togeather.

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Mrs W

Shame on you!!! 8O

I shall have to remove this post, as it clearly contravenes my personal Health and Safety regulations in a big way. 8O

Mrs Zeb never buys biscuits because I am so weak willed, and now you go and post a super recipe for my very favourites!! :cry: :cry:

I hate you :evil: . . . in the nicest possible way of course. :D


But seriously though. Thanks for the recipe - the pecans sound even more delicious! 8O :cry: :cry:
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