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New battery charging

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Hi all.

Bought a new Lucas 115AH leisure battery which arrived today.
Before I fitted it - I tested the voltage ( 12.8V) and then connected to the M/H

After fitting the lights came on fine but when I flicked the water pump on - battery light went to red !

I jumped out and the voltage was still 12.5V ???

Does a new battery need charging for a while on hook up before use ?

Why cant it power the pump at 12.5V

Still a newbie i'm afraid so thanks for your support.
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You battery has been supplie fully charged already and so should power your pump. Check your battery terminals are clean and tight. Check connections at the pump and ensure your pump isn't faulty.

Give it a full charge with a 3-4 stage charger first (check connections by all means) your symptoms indicate not charged. Voltage off load very poor indicator of battery charge state.

Measure it with a meter when supplying a load.
OK thanks - I'll let it charge for 1 day or so and see where we are.

Thanks :)
If you have one check the in-line fuse holder in the battery box for corrosion.
24 hours charged via your hookup cannot do any harm.

It may be a charging issue it depends on whether the pump was still trying to run when you rechecked the voltage. If the charge was poor I would expect to see a much bigger drop in the terminal voltage than to 12.5V under the load of a pump.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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