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New FAQ "Vets Near Channel Port". Info please.

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The question of finding a vet near a Channel port keeps cropping up, and seems like a good candidate for a new FAQ. :?

We don't take our hooligan abroad, so can't do one myself.

Any volunteers, or perhaps a jointly-written article, with the benefit of several member's experience to cover all the ports. :? :D

Please use this thread to communicate if we do have volunteers.

Thanks in advance. :D

(Wearing Mod hat, but don't want to sound formal on this one! :D :D )
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Hi not volunteering but here's two I have used:

The Vet is in Boulevard du General de Gaulle, close to the Calais Plage aire, small but friendly, english spoken, €37 for the cat passport rigmarole. Pleasantly surprised i thought being close it would be a lot dearer.

Leave the Aire, up to the roundabout, turn right carry on to the next one, straight over and its on your right just after the service road joins from the right. I reversed up the service road to park, plenty of room for vehicles to get past me. About a mile or less from the Aire if you fancy walking.

Clinique Veterinaire Le Goeland
1148 Boulevard du general de Gaulle
62100 Calais
Tel: 0321 347739
GPS: 50.9599 1.8307

And one at Ardres
Large free car park directly outside, easily got our RV on. (I imagine you could stay the night) Very friendly and through vets, english spoken. €34.80 for the cat, nearer €50 for a dog I believe.

If coming from Calais drive into Ardes, at the traffic lights go straight over, carpark is on your right after 100 yds. park up, walk through the hedge and vets is in front of you.

Clinique Vets du Camp du Drap d'Or
47r Commdt Queval
Telephone: 0033 321 354003
GPS: 50.8550 1.9780
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Thanks Olley - but does this count as "not volunteering"! 8O 8O

Excellent advice which can be collated into a comprehensive FAQ. :D

How much detail would we have got if you had volunteered? 8O :lol: :lol:

Great start. Thanks.

Shall copy the contents to a secure forum in the Mods' section so it will not be lost.

Dave :D
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Hi Dave wouldn't this be better on a google map? same as campsites/LPG. You just want a list of Vets in Europe.

olley said:
Hi Dave wouldn't this be better on a google map? same as campsites/LPG. You just want a list of Vets in Europe.
Hadn't thought of that Olley.

Brilliant idea. :D :D

You sure you won't volunteer? :?

Certain? :? :?

Absolutely positive?? :? :? :?

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Hi Dave I can easily do a google map, but then it would be mine, or isn't that a problem?


PS. When you create a map in google you become the "Owner" you can make others "Collaborators" but you will always "Own" the map.
olley said:
Hi Dave I can easily do a google map, but then it would be mine, or isn't that a problem?


PS. When you create a map in google you become the "Owner" you can make others "Collaborators" but you will always "Own" the map.
Hi again Olley

The Google map is no problem. :D We would need a downloadable paper copy anyway for people who don't have mobile internet access.

I was trying to persuade you to volunteer as co-ordinator of this FAQ. :wink: :D :D

You've done your bit already - all you would have to do is collate and perhaps slightly edit any contributions we get (or have on here already), and submit the completed article to me (or another Mod) for uploading.

Thanks again for starting us off.

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Hi Dave not volunteering, but here are some from a quick search of posts.

We use the vet at Le Portel (use the Aire) cant do with Calais
Dr Mathieu Demoury
62 Boulevard du General de Gaulle Le Portel tel03 21 33 35 33 we just walk in anytime at Xmas it was €35

Docteur Christiane Petry
1148 Bd du General De Gaulle
62100 Calais
Tel 03 21 34 77 39

hi monty there is a vet at st omar recommended by a mmm reader in october, he is Dr Dandrifosse at clinique veterinaire du haut point,5 rue de belfort,62500 St Omar.(phone0321882889) he speaks excellent english

Centre Veterinaire Curie, Boulevard Curie, Calais, Tel:0321-821511

Docteur Jean Paulus
62910 Eperlecques
Tel 03 21 88 46 00 email [email protected]

Bernard Alcouffe
139 Boulevard Curie
Tel: 03 21 82 15 11

We have used a vet South of Troyes on the N71 (well just off actually but you can see the vets and pass it if coming from the North)
We often stay at Mesnil St Pere about 20 mins away by the Lac d'Orient where there is an aires and municipal campsite.
The address is
Clinique Veterinaire
1,ZA Les Barbes
10260 Saint Parres Les Vaudes
Tel 03 25 40 94 94
Fax 03 25 40 71 32
Dr. Collot/Dr Andre
You follow signs for industrial zone (you will see sign coming from north but not south if I remember correctly but you turn by a big water tower Left from S or R from N) go to end turn Right , go a little along this road and its Right again into the industial bit and the vet was last building on left with ample parking past the vet unless they have now built on the land. This backs onto the N71.

We used a very nice easy to find vet two weeks ago at Etaples.The practice is on the D940 on the R.H.S.a few yards north of the village centre towards Boulogne. Parking right opposite or at the port.Friday is market day and very genuine too. Fish stalls along the estuary great as well.Two Aires de Services at Le Touquet five minutes away-one at Base Nautique other at Centre Hippique provided there isnt a horse show on.
Jean-Noel Brulin.
18 Boulevard Bigot Descelers
Etaples. 03 21 94 67 01.

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Thanks again Olley.

Please keep on "not volunteering" at regular interval when you have a minute.

Will copy these to secure storage as well, and shall credit you with the FAQ when we (you :D ) have gathered enough to make a decent article.

I know . . . you stood still and all the other buggers took a pace backwards!! 8O :D :D

olley said:
Clinique Veterinaire Le Goeland
1148 Boulevard du general de Gaulle
62100 Calais
Tel: 0321 347739
GPS: 50.9599 1.8307
is this the right place olley? marked with an 'A'


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Thats the place,Dr Christine Petry,always use the place,very satisfied.Last used in April cost 30 euros for treatment including advantix.

I reckon that you are barking up the wrong tree as with the 24 hour rule you are better placed finding a vet a days drive away from Calais or any other port, unless of course you wish to cut your holiday short by one day and stay in Calais or similar place
It's also cheaper away from the ports.
We use the vet at Honfluer situated on the mouth of the river Seine.

The vet speaks perfect English and can comply with all the pets passport stuff.

There is motor home parking across the bridge shown on the photo.
There are electric hook ups, water, facilitys for emptying toilets and grey water. I think it is 7 euros a night from a car park machine.

Honfluer is a wonderful place to stay with a medieval town and lots of things of interest to keep you amused.

It is about a 4 hour drive to the tunnel and Calais.

(Mod Note. Reduced image size so it will fit page width.

Co-ords for the Vet's house not too clear now, sorry.
They are Lat = 49.418328. Lon = 0.238208)
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Thanks Ray.

That Honfleur one is ideal for Le Havre, and not too far from Cherbourg or St Malo either.

It's coming together nicely. :D :D

Vets near Calais

Hi all,

Clinique Veterinaire
18, Boulevard Bigot Descelers, 62630 Etaples Sur Mer
Dr L. Goube and Dr S Richard Goube
Tel/Fax 03 21 94 67 01

We have used this vet in Etaples Sur Mer twice now with no problems in the past. They have been happy to take us at fairly short notice.

We can overnight at a choice of two aires in Le Touquet Paris Plage about 10 minutes from the vets with easy parking right opposite their place and on the last occasion, straight on to a pedestrian crossing adjacent.

In our cat's case, they are happy to use pill rather than an injection for the tapeworm treatment.

Price around 30 -40 Euros.

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Vets in France

For those using the Roscoff to Plymouth ferry.

11 Place de L'Eveche
St Pol de Leon

(this vet is near the tourist office and parking nearby (at present on what seems like waste ground)

We used the Aires about 10-15 min walk away.

Clinic times

Mon to Fri 08.30 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 19.00

Sat 08.30 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 18.00

Telephone: +33 29 82 91 424
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Thanks for the new entries. :D

Keep them coming please.

I may still be able to persuade someone ( :wink: ) to lend a hand collating them. :roll:

They would look good on a Map don't you think? 8) 8) :lol:

I took my dog to the vet in Ardres in March of this year. The actual cost is dependant on a)weight of the dog and b) if you supply the frontline yourself - reduces the price by around 12 euros. It is a very pleasant vetinary practice and only 15 minutes away from the Hotel Bal campsite recommended in the CC Carefree Wintersun brochure.

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