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New installation in 2003 van

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Got a 2003 euramobil built in the time when a TV instalation was designed around the requirement to have a tube based retractable TV in a designated cupboard in an inconvenient place where no one can see it.

I intend to fit an LCD screen in a more convenient location which will involve a fair amount of rewiring work which I am happy about doing.

The van is fitted with a Status aerial and booster unit. In this new digital age is this still ok to use? or is their a better alternative? I intend to use a tv with built in freeview. Dont want to spend a fortune as intend to replace van next year with a more modern one but it would be nice to future proof it at this stage as best i can and hop. I would consider a cheap satelite system but would still like the "plug and play" ease of use of an aerial based setup. However satellite internet does appeal if such a thing exists!

Advice required from more experianced users please!

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Status aerial will be fine, they are wide band coverage.
LCD TV 15" with freeview now less than £99, so shop around.

Satellite internet, ONLY 4 THE RICH !!!
The Status 530 directional aerial is very good. The 315 omnidirectional (flying saucer) is not very good in most locations.

The most important thing to remember with a directional aerial is that it is directional. Digital signals are unforgiving, so if the aerial is not pointing at the transmitter you will not get a signal.
The only satisfactory method of getting your aerial correctly aligned is to use the DigitalUk website. Enter the postcode for where you will be staying. On the next page click on the Trade View box. This will show you accurate bearings and signal strength predictions for your intended location.
I will try out the aerial initially but I have but it may well be easier to fit an upgraded aerial closer to the new location.
Fair comment Gerry, however I find that in virtually all cases I can get a digital signal of sorts by simply pushing the aerial up.
I then rotate it until the picture is OK.
In the UK and Northern Europe this works. I often cheat by looking where other aerials are pointing....this works first time usually.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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