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New Member saying Hello

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Hello all, Just found the website and joined up.
I am 34 and relativley new to motorhomes (am i the youngest motorhomer?) My husband and i love to get out at the weekends as much as we can aswell as Eddie our dog. We are off up to Scotland in two weeks time for the first proper test of our new van.

Well i am on, can anyone give me any advice on gas bottles? We are going to Donington this weekend for the Download festival and will be using the van but without electric, I have never camped without hook up before but want to use our shower and fridge, do they use a lot of gas for this, I think i may need to get a bottle before we go? Having being new to this i have not bought a gas bottle yet as there was one in the van when bought so dont know how long they last?

Thanks and hello :D
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(am i the youngest motorhomer?)

hi good start insinuating we,re all old farts

what size gas bottles you got
Sorry if i offended anyone, wasnt my intention, was not wot i was insinuating, it's just i have not seen another 30 something with a motorhome yet?

I am not sure wot size the bottles are, will be getting her from storage site Friday morn to stock up? I am new to this and the bottle in it came with the van so not really looked at it yet other than to turn it on to cook my bacon breakfast. :D
Welcome to mhf & motorhoming.
As gnscloz has said it depends on the size of your bottle, but even then you don't know how much its been used before you.
If you had a empty one & a new one you could weigh them the difference being the gas but that's a bit much for a Newbie :roll: :lol:

I'm going to put my teeth in some steredant now :lol:
You can get a fairly good idea of what's left by shaking the bottle and feeling the gas slosh around.

Welcome from very old Bazza
Hello fellow 30-something! I'm 31 but equally as wet behind the ears in the MH stakes as you (even more so in fact as I don't get mine till next week :lol: ), so as it turns out I'm not much help at all but just thought I'd say hello anyway.
Hi, just to say welcome and hello. Robbie Williams I understand owns a motorhome, so I would say you are with good company, even if us oldies may be in the majority at the moment. Regarding your gas, I always carry a spare, and quite honestly, it depends on how much and for how long you have the gas on as to how long it lasts. Whatever, enjoy the wonderful experience of "motorhoming"
Depending on storage availability, and the size of current bottle post sloshing test, you may wish to consider buying a spare gas bottle in case the current one runs out (I'm assuming its not refillable). The new calor light weight bottles also have a convenient gauge - not sure how accurate they are though. A solar panel is always handy too for some electricity - lights, tv, other 12v appliances etc.

Disclaimer - I'm just another pre-40 relative newbie to this though!
The BP gas bottles are translucent so you can see the contents.
nope, I win the youngest contest (30)!

With my hubby have been motorhoming for 4 years. We too are off to Scotland for a couple of weeks (in July). Hope you find some good campsites, let us know of places to aviod!.

My son is 20 and has had a Sprinter Ambulance MH coversion for 18 months. It has been all over Europe and has played host to many household name youngish musician's over this time. If in Scotland you may see it on the road you cannot miss the spray painting job, cars slow down just to take photo's. I don't think he is the youngest though a 17yr old friend of his was in the market for an A ' class van 2 months ago. Not sure if he got one though.

Us youngsters must stick together, I have been 29 for 21years.
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