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Hi all,
Had various motorhomes over a number of years, had problems with the last one from Travelworld @ Telford, anyone else had any problems with Travelworld??

Cheers. :(
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Good afternoon new member and welcome to MHF. Can't help you with TW as although I have heard of them, I have not heard good or bad which probably means on balance they are good. One tends to hear the bad more often than the good although thngs are swinging around now we have actual dealers as members and it is likely TW will be looking into this website.

Hope your problems are not too horrific and by the by you can get huge discounts of insurance and other bits and bobs if you become a paid up member saving the fee a few times over in the insurance alone.

I wish you well in your ventures and hope to see you about on here in the future.
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