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Hi everyone, my partner and I bought an 99T Autotrail 590S in November, had a couple of weekends away one at Skipsea, Yorks and one at Pentney Park, Norfolk.
Enjoying being motor caravanners so far but looking forward to the summer coming and some warmer weather.
We enjoy sites with more facilities like warm indoor pools, games rooms and bars. Can anyone reccomend any.
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Hi t+ :D

Welcome. Just had another member join a little while ago from Lincolnshire (North)

I know Skipsea. My Uncle lived there and my mother had a bungalow built there before moving to Australia.

Can't help with sites, we don't use our mh in England as much as we should and in any case prefer quiet sites.
Most of our mh use is in France and not on campsites.

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