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Hi Rosemary
I am new to motorhomes as well after towing for quite a few years.
We bought our motorhome last Sept and it is also a Swift Sundance 590RL
with a 2.8 non Turbo diesel.
The rear L shaped lounge suits us fine. As for quality it seems fine except the overhead locker doors seem to have a weak point and two of them are starting to crack every else seems fine apart from squeeks and rattles
which we are gradually working through.
The only gripe we have is with the engine which runs out of puff fairly easily and we are about to get a Turbo fitted by TB Turbos. I believe that swift have quite a few engine options and would recommend that you go for the largest turbodiesel that you can afford.

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Hi Rosemary and welcome.

We had a Swift Royale 590 for two and a half years, the one with the rear kitchen, mid dinette and 6 foot side setee. Enjoyed it until we got to wanting both a dinette and rear lounge.

We had wanted the RL and nearly bought until someone pointed out that any passenger in the habitation end would be a long way from the driver and front seat passenger. Also they could only have a lap seat belt.

Horses for courses as they say. :)


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Hallo Rosemary
I'm new too to the forum (joined today) and motorhoming (started in February last year).
I have a Sundance 590 RL 2.8D. You may have bought it by now but it does represents good value for money. Really like the rear lounge arrangement. Turbo would have been good but 2.8 is enough. You just have to accept changing down earlier on hills. Quality of fittings is generally OK but screws on locker doors work loose, etc etc., so you have to accept a bit of regular maintence.
Since February 2003, we have been to Italy, three times to the Lake District, twice to Norfolk, once to Suffolk and once to France. So you can see how it has taken our enthusiasm!! And we love out of season 'wild camping' where you get a real sense of freedom and escape.
Happy travelling.
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