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new to this

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hi folks i,m from belfast & just bought my 1st camper fiat ducato.
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Hi yah, slickwillie, and welcome. Do like your name :lol: :lol:

give us more details! What is the conversion on top - how many of you are there, is it new or old or..................
hi an oldie shes a fiat merlin 89 model 4 birth ,just my wife & i + 5 dogs ,like i say its my 1st camper so all new to me, even let the 2 batteries run flat , read the forum before deciding to join find yous a friendly & helpful bunch .
Welcome! And hoping you have much fun both in your MH and on this forum - a great find; full of cameraderie and useful information. Get on and cough up your ten quid and you'll get the full benefits!
New Camper

Best decision you ever made. We've got a Ducato 5 berth (Hymer) Joining this site is a tenner well spent. Saved us a mint!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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