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New TomTom, Which must-have downloads?

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I have just got the new TT XL europe IQ route with free speed camera subs and I am off to europe soon... can anyone recommend some must-have poi's, like campsites etc that they find really useful.... :?:

Thanks for your tips :D :D :D

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How much spare room have you got in the memory ?

I was looking to buy one of those today to replace our TomTom One Europe, until I found out the size of the memory can't be increased as their is no memory card slot.

Apart from the usual campsite POI's, I find the Aldi, COOP, and a few other supermarket Poi's usefull when looking for the nearest to stock up on food, and invariably cheaper fuel at some.
For Aires POI's, try >here<

For Stellplatze POI's, try >here<

For Sosta POI's, try >here<

+ you will find loads of good ones when you connect to TomTomHome.

Tom Tom home is very good and has all the CLs and CS campsites in it's POIs. Unfortunately Tom Tom safety cameras do not seem to include mobile cameras. Pocketgps is the place for those, but only on subscription.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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