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hiya all. Have just joined before I get my motorhome in the hope of getting good info that might help me...come on how good you are and guide me in the right direction.
I have caravanned for 20 years but now fancy a change and have the chance of a FIAT AUTOTRAIL 6 berth 2.5 tdi 1995 37000 miles at a reasonable price..Any comments about the unit, what to look for when I see it, how reliable it is, what fuel consumption, will it tow a small car, how much roughly for insurance (I am 45 and clean licence).If you hae a rough idea what the unit should cost please tell me...I wont get upset whatever you say as I would like to know before I part with my money rather than after...It has bike rack, alarm, top box, imobiliser, invertor,6 months test, no tax, PAS, U shaped lounge etc.ANY comments would be greatly appreciated even if bad news....PLEASE DONT LET ME DOWN..whatever you have to say as I am a beginner will help..Thanks...SIMON

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Hello Simon
Firstly have a read through 'Motorhome Reviews' under 'Community' down the left side of this page, lot of good advice there!
AutoTrail made several different models around that time, which one are you looking at? Is it long or medium wheel base? Do you want 6 births? What's the asking price?
Some questions I can answere. Is it reliable... well you can only go by your own experience, we have a 1997 AutoTrail Cheyenne on a Fiat 2.5 td that has done 17K in two years without a murmur, As regards maintenance I do what wants doing - when it wants doing. There are 1000s of Ducato's on the road; many giving good service, some horror stories too, If you're not sure then get an engineer's report from the AA or RAC.
Fuel consumption on ours varies between 26 to 30 depending how heavy-footed I am.
Will it tow a car...Many do, other than that I can't comment Its not something I've gone into.
Inside the van the biggest problem is DAMP. Motorhomes can take a beating from the weather, rough roads, bad driving, and general wear and tear so unless you keep an eye open water soon finds a way in. Check for damp inside using a damp meter; if you find it... walk away...something else will turn-up
Insurance costs...How long is a piece of string? Type Motorhome insurance' into 'google' and SHOP AROUND, decide what you want to cover and include only that, if you don't have an awning what’s the point of it being included. Make sure they are a reputable company and that they a used to dealing with motorhomes. I have a comprehensive insurance survey file in pdf format (you need adobe acrobat reader) I cannot remember from where I got it, but if you want it you’re welcome
There are many many other consideration to think about... do you want to use it all year...if so is it winterized... do you want to go on the continent...What sort of payload has it many seat belt do I I really love my wife. I jest not six weeks away can seem like a lifetime... I forgot you caravaned for 20 years.
Anyway I hope you make a wise choice. You'll never want another caravan

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