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No spare wheel !

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I have a Bessacarr 635 which came with no spare wheel but instead has a goo/compressor thingy.

Was looking under the van the other day and saw there was bags of space next to the grey water tank. Reckon I could easily fit a spare wheel in there payload allowing.

I would rather have a spare wheel, but has anyone had to try the compressor yet ?
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Here we go again, this has ben covered several times in the last year but in brief you take a chance if you do not carry a spare. It is difficult to believe that the repair kit will work on anything but the smallest puncture.
I carry a spare and the trolly jack to go with it so that I can change a wheel if I have to. I have also inserted Puncture Seal into the tires.
I also have a sweeping brush attached to each front wheel to clean the road. :lol:

Thanks for the input but I really wanted to know if anyone had used the goo/compressor to REPAIR a puncture.

I have heard plenty of theories about whether these things might work - but I am a great believer in emperical evidence.

Has anyone used the thing in anger ?
I havn't but have a friend who couldn't use it as he had damaged the side wall and it was not suitable for the goo/compressor system.
MikeCo said:
I also have a sweeping brush attached to each front wheel to clean the road. :lol:
Hi Mike,

Do you have a bed in that!!!!!!!! :oops:

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