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Non-HGV motorhome with slide out?

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Dear all,

Take pity on me... herself is convinced that she needs something with slide out sides...I know, I know.... I am aware of the big american rigs, but I need something in the under 7.5T range - that will not kill me in fuel bills...

She has been made worse by allegedly seeing an advert for a UK / European model with this; anyone else seen it?

Aside from trading her in for a new model, (probably cheaper than the alternative) anyone refer me to a web site?


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Under 7.5 t with slide out


Yep I think your better half probably saw the MCL Motorhomes advert, they are releasing an under 7.5t vehicle with a slideout in 2008 - called Tycho.
Under 7.5t


I think the original question was for a European vehicle, not US stuff. Most of the US stuff have illegal dimensions, rear overhang and width especially. VOSA are getting stuck into US imports now, maybe the style and taste police should get involved on half the US stuff as well ;-)
Aren't you supposed to comment on old questions?

No I'm not that Steve, just got the same name.
Re: Under 7.5t

asprn said:
Stevo9er said:
Most of the US stuff have illegal dimensions, rear overhang and width especiall
A slight overstatement spoiling an otherwise good post. ;)

Maybe, just basing that on the list of US RV's in the back of MMM where around 70% are overwidth let alone with dodgy rear overhangs. The wing mirrors need to be taken into account as well (which they aren't in MMM) as they are mainly lower than 2m from the ground.

Not attacking US motorhomes, just know a few people who have been stung, they are great value for money jsut watch the dims.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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