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I have just started a short term contract working for Orange in North Bristol (Aztec West) and I'm looking for a suitable occasional parking space for my van as there is little space available near to where I'm working. I normally cycle to work from home (about 16 miles away) but may use the van to commute on the odd occasion.

The sort of spot I am looking for is as follows:-

Up to 4 miles away from Aztec West / Almondsbury Interchange (M4/M5)
Space for smallish coachbuilt (6.3m / 21ft length)
Parking for a couple of days a week between 08:00 and 18:00 (no overnight parking required)
Willing to pay for suitable spot.

My plan is that on days when I use the van I can walk/cycle to Aztec West from the parking spot.

If anyone has a suitable driveway or parking area they would let me use or if anyone knows of a safe spot in the area then I would be very grateful for any information or offers.

Rest In Peace Mike, 1944-2017.
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Hi beachguild

Not near me but a someone around the forum tonight may be able to help :wink:

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