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Ongoing 1992 B654 Renovation

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Acquired this vehicle around 2017, and although renovating, the rear underside was in a particlarly bad state, requiring some in depth welding and fabricating.
The dash is pretty abused, as is most of the plastic fittings on the dash. I have a 3D resin printer now and many fitting are slowly being created.

Automotive parking light Sky Tire Cloud Plant

Somebody has reversed it into a wall or such like and rammed the roof ladder brackets through the rear aluminium sheeting, then numerous bodged filler repairs had left the rear end vulnerable to water ingress, so there was rotten flooring immediately below the ladder inside, hence requiring the toilet/shower to be completely removed.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Tire Automotive lighting

After much deliberation it was decided that the aluminium sheet on the back would be replaced, all inferior/broken/non-standard fittings were discarded.

After the initial attempts at making the roof waterproof, i.e. replacing the main and rear opening skylights, I decided to rearrange my workshop and get it under cover.

The sheeting has been replaced, although so has a lot of dodgy foam which the water and corrosion had discoloured, and the internal floor repair fixed.

Road surface Asphalt Grey Floor Rectangle

I can't show pouring the foam in as I had to get the top sheet of plywood on before the foam expanded.

Wood Rectangle Floor Brick Brickwork

First sheet going on.

Wood Gas Machine Engineering Machine tool

Apparently the aluminium pattern is called stucco.

All the window mesh and sunvisor materials were replaced, as were some of the catches for opening, and closing.

Wood Rectangle Flooring Gas Hardwood

with careful attention payed to spring tensions.
Then underneath...
The adjustable air bellows looked a sorry state. So new one were ordered as were shocks, and leaf springs.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Hood

The chassis needed some work....

Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Wood Automotive tire Composite material Gas Automotive exterior

Automotive exterior Gas Composite material Building material Metal

Needless to say it was all cut away and replaced with new...

To Be Continued... (hit the max attachments limit)
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WOW whatta project.
I tackled vans/RVs like that when I was 40 but no more.

I have lots of pics too many to post here, so if you need a bit more detail on any aspect know what to do.
The underside continued...

Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Automotive wheel system

As you can see a new bracket was made somewhat thicker than the original.

Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Gas

Both sides have been completed now so its onto the grey water tank supports.

Recently, I have drilled all the holes on the back for fitting and ladder ect, prior to repainting, after which they all go back on permanently, but am having trouble getting the right paint to match the lines around the sides.
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Was I joking when I said abused dash?....and I haven't touched it yet.

Vehicle Steering wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Steering part

Thats just unnecessary...anyway moving on.
Inside jobs so far...
Overhead cupboards had al sorts of tacky sticker over then, and cleaning started to remove the finish/texture, so the centre boards were taken out and reversed to present a nice fresh colour.

Hood Rectangle Grey Road surface Asphalt

one done and compared to the next...

Automotive tire Rectangle Grille Grey Automotive exterior

Carpets were cleaned to see if they had to be chucked, but surprisingly they came up very well. Here's one half done for comparison.

Fixture Flooring Floor Wood Composite material

Rear Skylight replaced, the hole in which it went through was rotten, so all wooded surround was removed and rebuilt back up.

Wood Beam Building Gas Hardwood

After rebuilding the surround...

Wood Window Fixture Door Gas

Finished article...

Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Motor vehicle
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I have had rotten wood floors, seized king pins, hole in one piston, solid -- solid tank. oval wheel bearings, birds and rodent nests in the walls, blocked solid plumbing and many other things but your body would put me off.

Making the rear leaf spring brackets....

Wood Art Font Tool Metal

At the top (in the picture below) you can see the one I bought to copy. I could only get one hand, as that was all that was available, so decided to make two heavy duty ones.

Wood Gas Engineering Machine Auto part

Motor vehicle Wood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper

All parts were galvanised, although not fitted yet, as it's easier to work under there without them on yet.
Not finished by a long shot, but well on our way... here are some recent pics of the back end..
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I have had rotten wood floors, seized king pins, hole in one piston, solid -- solid tank. oval wheel bearings, birds and rodent nests in the walls, blocked solid plumbing and many other things but your body would put me off.

I've only found the rotten floors at the back end, so may well have all that lot to look forward to, Although it did drive the 100miles or so, to my place reasonally well, but I didn't know what to look out for then.
Continued...New Lamp clusters, and rubbing strake trim. The plastic end caps on the trim were 3D printed.

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

The steel channel at the bottom is a replacement, and when fixed and attached to the grey water tank support assembly will also be galvanised before fitting permanently.
I also managed to find some 'off the shelf' brackets to retain the light clusters in place....

Cant post any more... prolly first post limit. Will update in the near future.
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Don’t go away, I’m finding this very interesting especially all the welding, you must have a workshop like my late husband had, part of which I still have.

How the heck did you get the carpet clean, especially if it looked the same as the part that’s not been touched.
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Cracking thread this. Thanks for sharing (y)

Welcome btw :)

Maybe you have to pay to join now? What is it? 15 quid for life membership or something similar? You obviously know what you are doing but it maybe that some members on here can also throw some light on anything you get stuck on.
Sorry for the break in posting, but I decided to go out on my motorbike today :cool:, and from Folkestone, ended up in Bournemouth. Left at 08-30hrs, popped into Lancing (wish I hadn't bothered) arrived in Bournemouth for 13-00hrs. The reason I mention this is that I bumped into a guy with a twin axled Merc Hymer, and who goes by the name of Bjorn (You guys probably know him). It turns out he does lots of repairs on Hymers.
He was kind enough to give me the name (Mercedes Smoke Silver) and suppliers address for the paint I'm trying to match. We discussed all things Hymer and said our goodbyes.
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The chassis parts were made from 2mm mild steel sheet...
Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Motor vehicle

I drew the part up in 3D CAD then use it to flatten the part so that I could get them plasma'd out at work, then folded the four edges, and....

Wood Gas Automotive wheel system Machine tool Engineering

folded it in my custom vice folder...just close the vice to fold.

Wood Gas Engineering Machine Auto part

Tweaked them with yet another piece of angle...

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive design

To give me thus...then added the internal threaded parts, and drilled a ton of holes to puddle weld it onto the main chassis.

Wood Gas Bumper Machine tool Engineering

The forward member was made similarly.....

Wood Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas

But comprised two parts...the image above is the lower part. The upper part was welded to it prior to welding to the main chassis.

Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Automotive exterior Gas Auto part

I didn't see any piece in the middle, or any witness to its existence but I put it in for extra rigidity.
Wood Motor vehicle Engineering Gas Vise

Then as before drilled puddle holes along edges.

Bumper Gas Bicycle part Auto part Machine

...and for completeness here's the part I'm replacing
Automotive exterior Bumper Motor vehicle Gas Automotive wheel system
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Don’t go away, I’m finding this very interesting especially all the welding, you must have a workshop like my late husband had, part of which I still have.

How the heck did you get the carpet clean, especially if it looked the same as the part that’s not been touched.
I've no idea, my wife did it. She put together this carboard box of goodies (cleaning products and assorted brushes, scrapers, and sponges) and spent a few hours attacking various parts to see if they were recoverable. Now I don't know what she did but she's an absolute wizard at this sort of thing, and always seems to know what product does what. Not to mention she made a complete set of cushions and backrests for the dining table area.

Yes I do have a workshop, and have been a manufacturing engineer all my life.
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Here is the Model of the Omnistor Awing End Cap replacements. I had a friend of a friend 3D print them using the FDA format machine, but I heard a crack when I was tightening the securing screw and TBH it was expected for this printing techology. Now that I have my own 3D Resin printer I'll remake them using ABS type resin which is stronger anyway but with the added advantage of being more flexible as well.
Electronic device Output device Font Office equipment Gadget

The old one....

Rectangle Gas Composite material Natural material Wood

Azure Triangle Rectangle Font Line

Azure Gesture Line Font Art

Wood Metal Triangle Ceiling Plywood

Wood Automotive exterior Wood stain Hardwood Tints and shades

Getting there....
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My goodness, what a project!! Fascinating reading, thank you!

but your body would put me off.
No need to get personal Ray!
so that I could get them plasma'd out at work
... and you find time to work as well?!
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Printed the new awning end caps today, (it was a fill in job as I'm stuck matching the paint for the back, but I'm working on it).
Here it was in progress...
Glass Wood Rectangle Plastic Science

All printed just need to clean and final cure...both LHS & RHS.

Machine Gas Composite material Engineering Font

Fits a real treat, But...
Got to do the catches now :( it's not locking properly, looks like existing has been thumped, and lack of lubrication meant it didn't slide up but just moved out of the way.

Automotive tire Finger Rim Bumper Gas

I couldn't find the pictures for the new upholstery, had to get them out from their hidey place a refit to get the photos again....

Brown Rectangle Wood Couch Floor

The back bar is just resting there, to show the coordination.

Couch Wood Rectangle Flooring Chair

All covers removable as before...

Food Wood Cuisine Ingredient Stairs

Also includes new foam.
Paint matching isn't quite there yet, but I may decide it doesn't need to be so perfect.

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive parking light Automotive exterior Bumper

The blob on the right was an earlier attempt.

Habitation door was replaced, the damage was horrendous, hinges missing, the two doors were crudely fixed together because of the missing hinges, seals were ripped and chunks missing....etc etc.
Wood Wall Automotive exterior Gas Tints and shades

Motor vehicle Vehicle door Automotive exterior Gas Bumper

Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior Fixture Gas

To be continued....(hit the image limit) .. will post the results next.

We managed to pick one up from a breakers who were in the middle of breaking a smaller version...
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Highly adaptable and inventive GB.

Not the perfect solution, but now fully functional, and weatherproof..
Door and frame completely removed...
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior

I think once the paint lines are realigned and the feature strips removed it will look more original, except for the difference in the stucco scale.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Truck Window Tire

Shabby window stickers removed...


Rectangle Wood Electronic device Display device Facade

After, this was particularly slow work as we didn't want any evidence left behind.

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Plant

Oh, and the half gallon of water residing in the rear window was removed... by drilling a very small hole at the bottom (each end) out of view. we have yet to ascertain how it got there.

We assume there's a crack around the top edges where the two sheets are supposed to be sealed.

Brown Table Wood Rectangle Automotive exterior

Cutlery draw... unbelievable...

Automotive design Automotive exterior Gas Auto part Engineering

Came up amazing considering what we started with...

Tableware Dishware Plate Purple Tablecloth
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What we're the window stickers for? That cutlery drawer renovation is amazing! - the project must be giving you a huge sense of satisfaction.
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I'm sure you can get cutlery drawer liners from e3.99 to e12. From IKEA.

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