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Ostensions - This year is the year!

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Every seven years our area celebrates the Ostensions. We arrived in France in March 2009 so this year will be our 3rd. The events of Each town vary and are staggered over the year. At Le Dorat, our first home, large town gates are set up and on the main day nearby village armed guards march into the town and are challenged by town guards on horseback. It is all quite a spectacle.
People go to great rounds to dress in costume and decorate the town with greenery. It mostly happens in just one day.
Limousin Ostensions

One section of our nearby town of Rochechouart is being prepared for the big event.
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Lovely to see some community spirit. Our village has a Teddy Bear Festival where all the villagers make a human size teddy or a group of them and dress them to impress. Picnic at the church garages sales and art exhibitions all take place during the fortnight.
Yes - the community spirit is most impressive right across the age ranges.
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