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Parking at Bristol Intl Airport

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Does anybody know if there are height restrictions on the long term car park at Bristol?

I am taking advantage of Michael O'Leary's generosity and flying to Dublin for £2 return - including taxes; I still have to pay £10 for not having the privilege of a Solo card! :(

I have tried phoning the airport and asking them but have not got hold of anybody sensible yet.

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no problem i have a swift 500 lux we park in the silver zone, pay via easyjet web site its cost less
also there are alot of off site parking just type in parking near bristol airport
Thanks Chapter - just the re-assurance I needed.

Thanks Chapter - just the re-assurance I needed.


My darling hubby is unable to accompany me on the ferry due to business commitments so he is flying in to Bristol airport and I am collecting him.

Where is the best place for me to park at the airport?


You need to be a technological whiz kid to exit Bristol Airport Car Parks.
I had visions of having to buy a new car; but having said that I also find problems with some of the multi storey ones.
Whenever Glenn and or the kids fly into Bristol I usually wait for them to call me to say they have landed and then there is a pick up and drop off car park which is free if you are in it for under 10 minutes, I usually drive down towards it and instead of turning left into it, I follow the road to the end, it goes around to the right and I park on the slip road and wait for their call.

Thanks for the info, that's great!!

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