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Peugeot Boxer Manual (CDs)

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Has anyone bought one of these Manuals, and if so did you find them useful? Cheers Andy
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I haven't bought any CD manuals but I read a comment recently from someone who had. They may not have purchased the manual that you refer to as you don't actually say exactly what it is or where from. I believe that they bought it on ebay and their comment was that it was just a list of 'headers' and so not of any use: that isn't a direct quote though.

I did buy a Peter Russek manual ( paperback ) for my Renault, which did the job, but was not wonderful. It seemed to be an edited copy of the manufacturers workshop manual: albeit not completely up to date.


Hello foll-de-roll,
I bought a Fiat Decato CD manual off e-bay for about £2 pp.
It does take some getting used to and many things you can't access unless you are online and can use HTM or HTML files.

I just bunged it in a drawer and hope not to need it.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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