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photo of X250 headlamp masking

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Has anyone out there a picture or diagram of the masking position on the Ducato 2007 headlamps /protectors for use in Europe
I have been advised that the position is etched into "genuine" Fiat headlamp protectors ?
Regards Ray ?
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pm me yr EMail and I'll have a go!
Have taken a photo but due to lighting conditions it is a bit difficult to see the black markings but they are just visible so will give you an idea of where to put beam benders.


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Rita- Still can't hack this putting photos on MHF so you beat me to it. :lol:
Got some on Picasa if Ray's still struggling.
Thanks for the tuition Rita!
Here goes:

Not necessarily better than yours (especially as the lines are on a headlamp protector on top of the headlamps!)

Needed the practice though :lol:

Hope Ray can make them out between us :wink:


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Thanks for the help

Many thanks for the pics - I will have a go in the morning and see if I can get the masks sorted as off to France next week
Regards Ray
PS I have no idea how to post pics - is there a "how to do it " on the forum?
Did you draw lines on your headlap protectors Ray?

My protectors (official Fiat ones) just had marks.

I see my marks for the nearside are about the same as yours.

The offside marks on mine seem a bit different as the marks are stepped.

sort of a bit like this:

It wouldn't work!!! came out wrong!


just an approx guide
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headlamp masks

Hi Rita
Pics are from Telbell -
I think to mark the outline in permanent marker would be a great idea to save messing about each time masking is needed
Again thanks for the help
These are the masks supplied with the Fiat protectors. The RH [offside] mask is a different shape to the nearside. The masks are fitted sideways to that shown on the photo e.g. the RH one is laid with the narrow bit to the offside and the wider bit to the middle of the vehicle [I hope that makes sense].
Telbell you have got this photo insertion to a fine art now :)

I didn't think of finding my tape cut outs and taking a photo :(

I was trying to draw the outline with a series of crosses but of course it wouldn't let me or rather it did but when submitted it went funny!

Airesteam (Ray) my marks are already on my headlamp protectors but not in a contiuous line. So no problem fitting the tape when needed. The markings were on the original Fiat headlamp protectors.
Telbell you have got this photo insertion to a fine art now Smile
Must be careful I don't get carried away! :lol:

Had a brainwave- when you use your Insulating tape for your next trip, hows about putting it on the INSIDE of your headlamp protectors? (so it becomes a "masking" protector :wink: )

No- I lie- it wasn't me who had the brainwave-a friend has just had delivered the "ebay" protectors and is doing just that.
Thanks for that Telbell.

I hadn't a clue how to put these new protectors on (managed the clip on ones for the old Ducato no problem). So the dealer put them on for me. Trouble is I could do with removing them so as to give them and lights a good clean!

Knowing my luck I would break the clips on this new Ducato trying to get the protectors off!
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