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Pictures of my self build at last

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I started last weekend, but got held up because my starter motor packed up, I've just finished replacing it, time to re-fit starter 10 minutes, time to refit the plastic front end 1 whole day, because every single fastener was rusted solid and despite 2 days of WD40 remained so, I had to drill the more visible ones out, but the rest just kept spinning as there isn't enough head to get a grip on, if it'd been metal behind the plastic I could perhaps have welded a nut to each one, but it's all plastic.

Take my advice get out there with a tub of copper grease and do all of them, as even if you don't do your own mucky necking you'll have to pay someone so you still save.

For build pics see link in my signature.


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Hi, Is that your personal details displayed in one of the pictures?

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