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It is the responsibility of the campsite owners to keep availability showing on is the same as actual availability. Each campsite will have its own individual 365 day calendar, which will show availability in green and non-availability in red. The default setting is red, so when you subscribe you must change all the dates you have availability to green.

What's the best way of ensuring my availability is up to date? is designed to show campers whether you have vacancies, or whether you are full, not the number of vacancies or types of pitches you have. You do not need to log-on and show decreasing numbers of vacancies several times a day. Please just ensure that when you are fully booked, you are not showing vacancies. Busy sites or CL/CS's may want to put a message in their "Latest News" along the lines of "We are a busy site and our pitches get booked up very quickly. We strongly suggest you ring us first to ensure we still have vacancies".

Can you show the different types of pitches I have available?

At the moment we don't want to complicate matters for site owners by showing how many grass, hardstanding or electric hook-ups each campsite has available. Campers and caravanners, knowing you have availability from their search, will contact you for types of pitches available.

What should I do when I'm fully booked?

It is most important that when you know you are fully booked - which will probably be Bank Holidays, peak summer weeks, half terms, Christmas/New Year and (when we get them) hot weekends, - that you must change your calendar to red (no availability) for those dates. It is frustrating for campers if you are showing availability when you are fully booked and defeats the whole objective of! We will be asking campers for feedback on their experiences of using the system.

What about re-selling last minute cancellations?

You have two ways of re-selling pitches. You can put up a notice in your " Latest News" - "We have a last minute availability of a hardstanding pitch with hook-up for this Easter", and you can change your calendar from red to green for that day/days.

I am a CL with 5 pitches, can you show how many I've got left?

Not at the moment. will either show the camper you have availability, or are full. Remember, you can always use your "Latest News" section to tell campers anything important.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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