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Plumbed in water fill hose system anyone??

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Had my van for a few months now but still not cracked the water filling issue properly.

Because I am lucky and it has loads of lockers and storage space under the floor and a big payload I am considering a fitted hose system on a garden reel with a swivel connector that is permanently plumbed into the water tank filler pipe and mounted in a locker so that all that is required to fill up is to unwind the hose and connect to the tap. At the end, the hose winds back on to the reel and job done.

The only problem I can see at the moment is stagnant water remaining trapped in the hose but i think most of it would drain out as the hose was wound up. Would this be an issue?

Anybody had any experiance with such a system?
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Most people use a hose to fill up next to the tap when arriving on site. There have been loads of discussions on this.

How big is your water tank?
Frankia vans come as standard (and various others I suspect) with the system you describe, we have not noticed any problem but we do use the van a lot year round so only two or three days pass between fills, Alan.
I believe its 150l but we seem to get though it like water!

Wife likes to use her own facilities and we regularly (or at least plan to) go to places that dont have on site showers.

Have read through many of the posts, everone seems to have their own methods. I was trying to work something out with a bit more engineering elegance!
didnt know that alan, but im not suprised, Frankia being german and all that!
Moatmeister, the system has not poisioned us so far and it is very convenient, Alan.

If you are going to do that, buy an empty reel and put good grade hose on it. 30m roll £34 but no doubt cheaper in a plumbers merchants!

Much cheaper option is a wind up flat hose, 15m reel @ £29 a lot less hassle

Flat hoses are a pain to be honest. I have 3 hoses in my van now. A very short normal hose. A medium length slinky style and a long flat food grade hose. I always position the van in such a way that I don't have to unwind the full length flat hose >.<

I am fulltiming so little inconveniences like flat hoses do come up a lot more often :(

The short hose is about 5 meters long and is used on 90% of cases and is so easy. It generally doesn't even touch the ground so no grit/dirt to clean off before putting back in locker.

Water hoses

We have just returned from France where we came across a site where you were not allowed to use a hose to fill your tank. You had to use a can.
French health and safety apparently.
Crimple ken
Sounds a lot of bother to me.Coil of foodgrade pipe and fitting from outdoor bits. Keep hose in the supplied carton. Not a lot of space needed

Dave P

Most water tanks have a large opening on the top mine being typical, if you undo the large cover plate and empty out the water the opening is big enough to insert a small ballcock, drill out a 15 mm hole in the side of the tank and insert the ballcock, tighten up the back nut, from there you can take a 15 mm feed through the side of the motorhome by way of a box or a cover plate and fit a straight one way valve this will allow water in but not out set the ballcock to the desired height you will not require too much water in the tank as it will be controlled by the ballcock via mains pressure.
I would suggest that the level be set at least 2 inches below your current filler pipe this will also allow you to fill up manually with a watering can or like wise if required.
If you now connect your hose to the one way valve you will have achieved a permanent mains supply job done
That seems ok dragstar, but only if you are on a pitch with a water supply

Dave P


I like that idea very much.

Only problem is that some ballcocks are better than others. Wouldnt want an overflow.

Is there a reliable, well engineered ballcock?

This looks like a suitable one.
I'd imagine the constant slopping about whilst driving would eventually knacker a conventional ball / arm type.

If using 15mm pipe (copper or speedfit etc) a washing machine valve like this would enable connection of a standard hose tap connector like this.

I guess an overflow would also be sensible, or is one usually incorporated into the standard filler neck?
The type of side entry ballcock that i was referring to can be purchased in most caravan shops it is referred to as a mains kit for an aqua roll or water hog instead of having a ball it has a cup and is easy to adjust the arm is approx 1 and a half inches long, you can also find them in plumbers merchants.
As to the overflow your normal filler will act as an overflow provided that you remove the filler cap, the top entry cap is water tight the one way valve in the side box is of a bayonet type the other end of the bayonet is connected to your hose,if you don't want to cut a hole in the side take it through the floor and mount it underneath and accessible.
Just make sure the one way valve is fitted the right way round, good valves will have an arrow indicating the flow, if there is no mains water on site ie near the van you can still fill it up through the filler without any trouble.
Flat hose is a pain, you have to unroll all of it each time, ordinary hose in a locker is speedier but hose on a roll Frankia style is fastest and very convenient, Alan.
during a recent visit to France we stopped at a motorhome accessory shop and purchased a 15 meter food grade flat hose on reel , so what you may think! well , you only unwind the length required ie 3, 5, 10 or the full 15 meters
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