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Portsmouth to Cherbourg with Condor

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Stumbled across Condor conventional ferry every sunday only portsmouth to cherbourg. Booked for 7 june for 7.5m RV plus 5m trailer with car on for £105 single crossing - 2 adults and dog.

Seems very good price as next best was overnight and £300 from portsmouth.

Anybody used this ferry?
whats it like?
why only sunday?

is it very cheap and very cheerful?


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I think the rest of the week it runs from Poole. Yes, very good price
Post the link Rick, and make it easy for us idle toads!! :oops: :roll:

If we give them some custom the prices might come down even more??

condor ferries link


this is the link

click quote and book

select any sunday uk to france

fill in details and get quote

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Thats prety good.
Just quoted me £137 one way Poole to st Malo for 13 May for mh up to 6.5 metre

Dave P

Thats a brilliant price. I live near Cherbourg and have booked via Dieppe to Newhaven as it's ONLY £308 and I have to drive 180 miles to get it.

Wish I had of known about that Condor route and price no matter how basic it might be.

Thanks Ray.

Hi again

just remembered, ignore the length limit on the web site as it does NOT apply to the conventional ferry on sundays, same with the trailer.
£99 out and £118 back.

Pity the site is so slow - it takes ages to check availability.

Thanks Rick

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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