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Possible newbie!!

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Hi, I am seriously considering swapping my twin axle caravan for a motorhome and thought I might get some handy hints on purchasing on here. I am considering a Bessacarr e625 1999 and would appreciate any advice re: that model. I have about £18000 to spend!
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Hi Lottie.

Welcome to the forum. :D :D

If you could stretch your budget to £18,010 it would help you a lot. :D

The extra tenner would pay for your subscription to MHF 8) 8) , and that would give you access to the "Search" facility.

There are loads of answers to questions like yours, and if you need any more help you need only ask, and the answers will come flooding in. :D

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It would help us if you could gives us a bit more information about how you would intend to use the van, family numbers etc.

I found THIS link for an E625. Looking at the basic specs, I note that the payload is only 457kg. Even for me as an (intended) sole traveller, I would find that to be insufficient payload.
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