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power winch

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Has anyone seen or got, the power winch as advertised in the NotW newspaper May 8th?

If so, can anyone tell us if its any good, ie, worth getting?

weighing only 22.2lbs, 120 watt, 12volt auto winch delivers 2000 ibs of torque and will uproot an unwanted tree, pull a vehicle out of a ditch or bring a boat ashore.
Power supplied from 12v car battery, leads included. Mounting plate with bolts, controlled by remote switch on 10ft cord.

Just £49.99 p&p free.

Thought it might get a motorhome out of trouble?

Lyn and Malc
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hi phoenix

sorry mate but 2000 lbs winch is no good , ive done thousands of vehicle recoveries in my years of offroad competition and you want an 8000 lbs winch , anything less is a hobby winch for pulling youre boat on to a trailer, dont know about uprooting stumps either , weeds maybe. the cable also wont be rated for the huge strains involved in vehicle recovery and the gears will be weak. if youre still shopping for one dont be tempted to go below 3 tonnes , youll also want a high capacity power isolator switch for safety and that'll cost 40-60 quid and dont forget the gloves for wire rope as it can rip the skin from youre hands whilst spooling back in. you also want 3 tonne shackles . snatch blocks can double the pulling power but the cable strength stays the same.

there may be some good deals for kits on ebay , 200-300 quid mark.
hope that dont sound too bad mate . just good advice .
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