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Prague, Auschwitz, Birkenau Here we come. !!!!!!!

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Well on Tuesday 2nd June we leave for our much awaited annual tour of Europe.

We have the first few days sorted :-3rd June arrive Zeebrugge and set of for Prague, Don't care if we don't get there first night But we will be there 4th June, spend a couple of days there viewing various locations, Then on 7th early am set off for Auschwitz get there that night, We have booked tours of Auschwitz on Morn of 8th and Tour of Birkenau on Morn of 9th, Then 10th Tour of the salt mines. stay till we are fed up, Estimate around 12th - 13th Then who knows.

I do know that we will end up in Greece around end July and I know I expect to be back home sometime in Nov - dec.

We are staying at the Centrum for Dialogue and Prayer and If anybody is at Any of those locations same time as us, Come for a Beer, Mine is the Adria with Union Jacks on Front Sides just above windows.

or call us on CB Channel 19, Or PMR Channel 3.
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Should be a very humbling experience. Enjoy does not seem appropriate but you know what I mean. :(
Have a safe journey Les and we look forward to a write up and Photos when you get back. :wav:
locovan said:
Have a safe journey Les and we look forward to a write up and Photos when you get back. :wav:
There will definitely be many photos to view for everyone, I must say it is the only trip I have planned where I feel a little apprehensive about visiting somewhere, Still I have got my little bag of stones packed and we are all primed to go.
If you can handle one further memorial, then whilst enjoying the beauty of Prague you may care to visit Lidice:-

You will be aware of what happened to that tiny town, and why. You won't hear a bird sing anywhere on site, and anyone you meet will be as subdued as we were.

It's only about 15 miles north-west of Prague on Route 61 to Kladno, and the museum has been significantly refurbished.
Thanks for that link, I have now added it as a stop on my journey.
You might like to visit the Terezin Camp near Praque if you want to see a little more;

This was run as a "show camp" by the Nazi regime and the conditions there were supposed to be good, my wife's grandparents were both incarcerated there for some time before being sent to Auschwitz. The description on the site above is clear in it's identification of the horrors of the place.......

As has been said before, we cannot say "enjoy" but do get some understanding of the terrible sufferings inflicted on those sent there through no fault of their own.

We have visited the two "stolpersteine" in the suburbs of Berlin from where her grandparents were removed - the last house they freely occupied - we were there for the unveiling and it was a moving experience, these stones (literally "stumbling stones") are found in many locations and are a memorial to those who were killed by the regime. You can see them in many streets and they are worth looking out for.

We will all look forward to hearing about your experiences, let the past never be forgotten.

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Thanks Dave
I am expecting a very humbling experience, I have visited numerous locations my latest was the Menin gate which is also a very humbling experience, I have already got Terezin marked for a visit and I will be there on the same day we arrive at Prague.

What I will be doing is publishing links to the site that stores my Photos, This may be done whilst we are still touring, For those members who have a Mac and Mobileme will know how this is done, But rest assured there will be many photos.

I am a VERY big believer in remembering.
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