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Just compiling a short checklist of things that Motorhomers should carry out prior to leaving home / campsite in their motorhome.

I have the following so far:-

Drive OFF Checklist
  • Mains Hook up disconnected
    Steadies Up / Blocks removed and stowed.
    Gas OFF
    Retract STEP (Manually or Electrically)
    Close Roof Vents
    Close Doors and Windows
    Check that cabinet doors and drawers are closed.
    Check that countertops, range top, tabletops and shelves are clear of unsecured items.
    Fridge switched over to 12V
    Check OIL level
    Check Windscreen Washer fluid level
    Retract TV Aerial / Satellite Dish (If applicable)
    Retract and Secure Awning
    Adjust rear view and side mirrors (Frequently get knocked and misaligned)
    Check all tyre pressures, including the spare.
    Check Brakes operation.
    Check lights and indicator operation
    Check horn
    Check reversing sensors/cameras operation (If applicable)
    Check wheel nuts for tightness.
    Final walk around of the MH inspecting storage flaps etc, valves all closed.
    Buckle up, seatbelts/harnesses on.
    Safe Journey :)

Any others, anyone can think of :?: :?: :idea: :idea:

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as Oldman says, check all cupboards n drawers n fridge is locked down ,
and then go back and check 'em again - :oops: :oops:
afetr making sure that the bottle of fizzy pop, beer, whatever is securely packed in the fridge, else very entertaining for the people behind on that first bend.
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