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problem getting BBC1 on laptop with digital tv system

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Hi all, I bought a device from Maplins that allows you to pick up Digital TV. I used it near Leeds recently, scanned and got lots of channels EXCEPT BBC1, it did list BBC1, but on a very high channel number. When I watched the F1 Grand Prix, I could watch the race, but the commentry was from '5 Live' ??? Any ideas what I have done wrong, or how to overcome the problem and get proper BBC1?? All the other channels, ITV1 BBC2 Channel 4 etc were fine??? I did try scanning again, but got exactly the same results.
many thanks in advance,
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I don't what the problem is with the device Joe, but you can get BBC1 tv on your laptop without the need for any add ons.

You can also watch any of the major channels (BBC2,ITV etc) in a similar way. If you have enough bandwidth available, go to BBCi for a better quality picture.
thanks Doug, just tried that and yes you're right, good picture as well. What the maplin device does, is to allow you to pick up digital tv when you don't have a dongle/internet connection,its a small ariel device and black box!

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