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Problem selecting 1st. gear

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I have a '91 Hobby based on the Ducato van. Before the engine has warmed up I have no problem with selecting any gear, but as soon as the engine gets hot I have great trouble getting into 1st. gear & it crunches selecting reverse. Can be embarrassing at traffic lights :oops:
I had the gearbox reconditioned plus new clutch about 4000 miles ago & have new oil in every year. Once in gear the clutch is fine.
Could worn gear linkages on the column change be the problem?
Any ideas welcome.
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hi forrester ,could be just a simple case of adjustment , has it always been the same ,or just started , its a cable clutch isnt it , stretched cable maybe or the linkage mechanism could be worn , hope this helps ..... some one will be along soon dont worry with more info .... gary
Is it that the clutch is not quite clearing. If so check the free play if its a cable and reduce it slightly but make sure the cable still has a small amount of free play. . It does not sound to be internal (In the G/box) so should be easily sorted. If it does turn out to be internal which I doubt then take it back to whoever reconnned the box.
Thanks for the responce - will get the cable checked for wear & adjustment.
it sounds as if the clutch is only just clearing and as it gets hot it expands slightly and the symptoms you are describing is clutch drag, once you have it in gear how much do you have to release the clutch before it takes up drive, if it takes up drive almost immediately you simply need more clearance and adjusting the clutch will solve your problem.
it will be a fluid clutch and non adjustable and i will say 95 % that it is the clutch kit it will need
Hi Forrester!

It's been said, clutch needs adjusting. If you LIFT the clutch pedal, how much slack is there? I would suspect quite a bit...

I had the same with a previous MH on a Peugeot Boxer which had also had a new gearbox. I tightened the cable to allow 125mm of clearance from the bulkhead to the bottom of the pedal. Suddenly, I could engage 1st and change gear so much more easily.
Is the problem just selecting 1st gear forward?. What happens if you try to select reverse gear. If you get the same problem then it is either a slightly dragging clutch caused by cable adjustment, or the clutch is sticking on the main shaft.
If it is adjustment then easy to do, if sticky clutch then I would suspect it is a case of removing the gearbox to get to the problem.
Did have a worn shaft into the gearbox on an old car and it gave similar problems until I (finally) got the shaft replaced.
Yes Uncle Norm there is a lot of travel on the pedal before it engages the drive, so that could be the problem.Will get it adjusted next week.
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