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Progress and technology?

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Sometimes I wonder.
We have just bought a new car and although a cheap tin can it's got all the bells and whistles of Apollo Space Craft.
The images of the dash dials have more than a dozen each small warning lamps and icons. If one pops up you have to stop and wade through the 312 page handbook.
The 'Touch' screen is 8" and so many of the cars functions you need to wade through several menus to adjust or turn on/off, which for safety requires you to stop and park up just to turn the heating up or down or put the radio on your station.
Luckily the lights and wipers are auto so no need to grab the obvious stalk or switch but the cruise stalk is right next to the indicator stalk my wife keeps energising cruise and swears blind she never touched it.

And thats without the myriad of buttons and controls within the steering wheel.

Progress ....................................... NO.!!!
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Life used to be so certain. I'm in the market for a new car. I think of cars as consumerable with a limited life. In the 60s 70s I wouldn't seriously consider any car that had done 50-60K.

Today I am negotiating on one that has 150K on the clock. It's one owner and has been main dealer serviced. I am gambling on it doing at least 250K. Difficult to get your head around somethings these days when you are as old as I am.😀

We bought a Honda H-RV 7 years ago which is now 22 years old, 50,000km, and Basia reckons it will see her out after I have gone. It looks as good as new..

Even at that era it has electric windows, central locking and electric retractable mirrors. No satnav, which is on the phone which transfers to the MH.

Cost? £2,000

What is not to like?
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HOWEVER, whilst "rushing" to Norwich Crematorium, I discovered that a road through a housing estate was now blocked by the bypass and I had to make a very seat-of-the-pants diversion: could have been awkward!
So late for your own funeral?:p

Well that is good because it means you are still with us.:)
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