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Propane Gas - Ireland

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Hi Everyone,
Just a quick question......I have been advised by the delaer who I am buying my MH from to use propane gas instaed of butane.

I have been looking around in all the calor gas outlets (mainly service stations in my area Sligo/Leitrim) and no-one seems to do the 11kg size in propane......

Butane is no problem and any propane seem only to be in the tall cylinder which I think are 35kg.

Any advice greatly appreciated....

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Calor Propane also comes in 13Kg size. Don't know if it's available in Ireland though.

I use 13kg Propane, Calor I think, but will check later if you still need clarification. Our local dealer swapped two 25lb butane cylinders for the propane.
Try this company. They are based in Dublin but are very helpful and might be able to point you in the right direction

Campden Gas 087 6868734

I always use propane as it's what's shown in the pictures in the Rapido handbook and it doesn't freeze in winter.
For the last few years it has been readily available in most Calor/Kosangas stockists in the ROI. The bottle is the same as the yellow one, except its painted red. The bottles are available with the jumbo (top hat) type connection and also with the 21.4 LH (female screw on). If your local stockist doesn't have any is stock he/she should be able to order some with the next delivery, the bottles are inter-exchangeable so you don't need a red one to start off.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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