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Now have van with 'Pull-Down' (as opposed to 'Pull-Up') blinds.
Does anyone else suffer from light penetrating at the bottom between the fly-screens and blinds in the early hours ? If so, any resolution to the problem ?

Many Thanks.

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Still in my inbox so I'll answer here.

We had problems in winter when icy air blew on us all night as we were sleeping underneath the windows, even with blinds and mosquito netting down. We've not taken the van out for some time but imagine we will have the same problem with light.

We bought some water pipe lagging- the dark grey, solid foam type, cut pieces the same length as the windows that were giving problems and then cut each length in half lengthways The halves fit very neatly tucked into the bottom of the blinds and are light enough and snug fitting enough to stay in place. They block cold air and light very effectively. During the day they fit quite inconspicuously on top of the bench seating - ie just under the windows.

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