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Raskelf - problems with website?

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Hi all,

Think this is the right forum for this......tried to get onto Raskelf website however it gives the message 'This domain name has been reserved for future use'.

Are they still trading? I do hope so as we were hoping to buy a couple of Duvalays at the Stratford show soon....

Anyone have any ideas???

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Hi Carl n Flo!

It's only last week that I recommended this firm to a member and added the link which DID work!! :roll:


I've just been playing again... and can only offer this

You were directed here from The page you were trying to access / does not exist. Go Back to our Homepage

So what HAS happened if the pages do not exist. Answers on a postcard please. :? 8O
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Hi As Outdoor Bits self Raskelf maybe someone from there may be able to shed some light on this.
Nuke???? Do you know what has happened? Is it just a website glitch? :(
I have just tried it and its up and running at the moment.
I did not go through MHF though - just directly to Raskelf website.

Hi Mary! That's interesting as I still can't get through. Same message. I've even tried through Firefox! :roll:

This domain name has been reserved for future use
Tried through Google - still no joy & same message as Uncle Norm........
How strange......I have tried it again and am now getting the same message as both of you. :roll:

Raskelf are categorically still in business :)

Just spoken to them and they are moving hosting providers and the website will be back up in a couple of days time

Thanks Nuke - good to clarify the sitrep. I didnt want to / intend to start any nasty rumours...........
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