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Hi everyone, My its good to have the site up and running again, I`m Midlander, Wife`s name is Pearl, and we are bringing up our grandson who is nearly 13, we reside in the West Midlands, near Dudley, so right on the doorstep for Wales,
Our Motorhome is a Swift Suntor 600S, which we have had now for just over 12 months, we used to be tent campers in our younger days, but both retired now so wanted something with a bit more comfort, have taken to motorhoming like ducks to water, just love the freedom to jump in and go.
Our main interests are somewhat varied, and limited, as both disabled, I`m still quite mobile, but arthritus of the spine, wife has rheumatoid arthritus in hips and legs, but hey, we still love our new lifestyle and hope to go on for years yet.
Glad to see everyone is coming back gradually, love the site and hope to be able to meet some of you in the near future, oh, and how could I forget our two yorkies, both males Bobby and Ben, two little rascals.

Mike and Pearl
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