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Recipes thread

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Jan mentioned starting a thread to put any favourite recipes in so shall we give it a go?

I guess many of us have 'old classics' that we use regularly and which perhaps have many variations to them. Please do share them.

I'll pop the ones in that I have mentioned on the 'What are you doing today? thread to kick off...
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Jan's idea Dick but I agree, a good one :)

Is it worth having a separate thread on curries and one for more general recipes as I'm aware that not everyone likes a curry?
One thread G I think, good idea too that you have a post for each Gecipe.

See wot I did there :D :D
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Yorkshire pudding or Toad in the hole batter mix

140g of PLAIN flour

1/2 teaspoon of salt

Pinch of pepper

2 Eggs

175ml of milk


Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7.

Put 6 to 8 sausages (I'm not a fan of fancy sausages and use the Richmond Irish ones and find four is enough for two of us) in a 20 x 30cm (8’’x12’’) roasting tin/dish with just enough oil to cover the base, then bake for 15-20 mins until sausages are browned.

I also sometimes leave the sausages out and put them in when I add the batter as this still cooks them but they are not browned so much

Meanwhile, make up the batter mix. Tip the flour into a bowl with the salt, make a well in the middle and crack both eggs into it. Use an electric whisk to mix it together, then add the milk, whisking all the time. Leave to stand until the sausages are nice and brown.

Carefully remove the sausages from the oven – watch because the fat will be sizzling hot – but if it isn’t, put the tin back in the oven for a few mins until it is. Pour in the batter mix, then cook for 25-30 mins, until risen and golden. Serve with gravy maybe with caramelised onion or my fave fried mushrooms.

Enjoy :) :)

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Doing a beef curry tonight

same recipe as before, I added a little more on the spices but it's not coming round as I'd like it, plenty of spice but not as much flavour, not sure how to go forward it's for tomorrow night so no rush.
Just got my latest delivery. Around 8.50 for the 4 of them delivered...

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I popped into the main Curry house in Bradford on my way home today, Pakeezah, you'd love it in there G shelves upon shelves of spices, and they sell the most delicious meats and fish along with freshly made food.

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If I may be so bold as to reply to your dear wife Drew, the fridge drawer isn't the right place, Liz put cucumber and carrots etc in our and they wilt and go off very quickly and get thrown out, I have never put vegitables in the fridge and never had a problem, my view is if the supermarket doesn't do it why wood eye.
"Check your lettuce every day or two"

I've been warned about doing that.
I'm not impressed with Beef as a curry meat, too stringy, what would be the best cut?

And I tried yet again and failed with the Yorkshire pudding, deffo plain flour, oven at 220c same mix as ever, it's only cheap flour but we only ever get cheap flour so no difference there, I is perplexed.
With the batter sometimes I let it rest or I might make it while the tin is heating in the oven, sometimes if it's been made a while I'll whisk it up again, I never put it in the fridge, I did once put a little water into the mix but it made not difference that we noticed, I do sometimes for get the salt and I do sometimes add a little ground pepper, none of it has made a difference, it's all gone as planned, the only change is Liz has used a the oven a hell of a lot in the run up to Christmas making mini Christmas cakes and mince pies for Sams shop, but I don't see how that would change things, I set the oven up each time for the puds.
TBH We don't mind the unrisen ones, they taste the same, just about the same thickness, slightly more solid but fine for tea, Liz broke some of last nights and put honey on it.

I've googled and it does say top of oven I think it's always been in the middle so I have raised the shelf, I may also buy a better flour as the aesthetics are important too.
You use a slow cooker don't you Kev? Can I ask: how long is it in there for?

On the hob with a mild simmer, 2 hours max is more than enough.
Generally we leave it on all day, 2-3 hours on high then turn it down to low, but it was in there two days so just crap meat.

I do all the prep on the hob in a big pan though and cook it through, the SC is just a cheaper option.
Its essential that the mixture is poured into the VERY hot bubbling fat/oil Kev.
Yeah I know Dick, and I did one last night to have toad in the hole only I forgot to put the bloody toads in so we had crap beef curry in the hole to use the last of it up, tasted great but them meat was stringy.

However I dug out my pud recipe to go through it meticulously,

140g plain flour
Two eggs
175ml milk

Not exactly rocket science, even my feeble mind can remember it.

Whisk it all up, this time I left it all day and whisked it up again just to cover all the suggestions, no fridge as I have only ever done that once when we changed our minds and had Pizza, then put the mixture into a very hot tin, back in the oven for 30 minutes.

It did rise a tiny bit more on the edges and in the middle but not like it normally does, it was plenty hot enough and in the middle of the oven I was so focussed on the Fin pud is why I forgot to put the sausages in DOH!!

Anyway all we can surmise it the flour is iffy, it's just Asdas cheap range, but we've used it before, I used it right out of the bag this time too so no mistake, so We're going to buy some Be-Ro and try again.
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Liz said I just got the wrong cut of meat, her ex was a master butcher so she's probably right, meat it meat to me.
Next time I'll just get Liz to buy it, then it's her fault.
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Because we don't have one and the SC lets it marinade slowly over a longer time, that's why it's called a slow cooker ;) ;)
We didn't use it as Liz doesn't like it, as for the hot chilli I upped it to three spoons and didn't really notice any difference TBH, but we're ard up ere.
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T'were a popular brand from a supermarket, they do a jar of Corrie ander too :D :D
Well I tried again last night, new bag different brand of plain flour.

I honestly am at the end of my tether with this one, same dish, oven, ingredients, temperature, duration within a few minutes, I could accept it if it was happening with my first ones, but up until Christmas morning they have been 100% perfect except they could a be a bit lopsided.

Could Liz possible damaged the oven making all the cakes n pies?

The temperature seems to be hot enough when I pull the dish out sizzling and smoking.

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It very flat compared to normal, I add the sausages when I put the batter in.

Normal pudding looks like this, maybe 4-5inches high sausages are buried.

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No, no and no, all the same, only difference, is if I put the sausage in or add salt.

I even whisked it again prior to putting the batter in the tin.
So cook the sausage in a different pan at the same time as the pud, save the sausage fat for the next pud if its the sausage flavour in the pud that you want, I dont’t know about the amount of salt in the batter, but if I forget it in bread the bread rises higher and is tasteless, the birds have a feast, I haveńt done that for a long time though, forgotten salt I mean and birds here dońt seem to go for bread.
the meal is toad in the hole, and the recipe calls for the sausages to be in when you heat the oil in the pan, but they get over cooked and we don't like them, so after the first few times I do as I said above, salt doesn't seem to make any difference and can be added anyway.
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