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Replacement window

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Does anyone know how much it is going to cost us to replace a rear side window on our 08 plate kontiki 669 please?

Both the inner and outer panels were put through by the local scum at 3:45 this morning. The mindless morons also did some damage to our car which was sat outside the house, the van was on the drive.

The wife woke me to say there was a noise and I got to the window in time to see the scum put through the van window. I did get in the car and followed them whilst contacting the police but lost them and police were too busy elsewhere.

Anyway back to my question can the window panes be replaced or is it a complete unit and any ideas about cost. The unit is aprox 24 inches square.

Thanks for any help.

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Is the frame damaged at all? If not, maybe you can get away with the plastic window bit - it looks easy enough to do assuming you can buy that part.

Hi Russ

The frame isn't damaged so hopefully the plastic bits will be available but I am not sure.

I have had a look and I think the hinged bit at the top is glued to the window.


The parts should be available via you local Swift Dealer

You have my sympathy, I know exactly how you feel.

Some person ( I say person due to not wishing the post to be edited ) tried to lever open the rear window of my van on Monday evening. They managed to put a dent in the rear panel where the lever was used and broke a strip off the window surround. I can cover that over but the feeling that it is broken will always be with me.

As to the reason why they did it is beyond comprehension as the window clamps inside are very visible. Also the window is over five feet from the ground therefore it is a daunting task to try and get in if they had succeeded in getting the window open

I hope these scum develop some realy nasty painfull disease and suffer with it for a long long time. As to your window, won't your insurance cover it?

Hi Ian
I think the insurance excess is going to be around the same amount as the window so I am reluctant to make a claim until I know how much it will cost.
As for your thought on the scum who did it I agree entirely, the frightening thought is that these are the people who are going to be required to earn a living in the future to keep this country afloat, does'nt bode well does it?

If you can.t get one from your local swift dealer, these guys make them to order.


01274 679524
I've had to use EECO 2 years ago to replace the double pane (leaving the frame in situ) becuase the window aperture was not a standard size.

Everything wnet well. They need your old one to work with as a pattern. COst was about £190.
We had our rear side lounge window shot at!, 5 am in the morning heard the alarm going, went out to check it and saw nothing. Next day out there to check things for a weekend away to see the hole in the window and an airgun pellet lodged in the nets.

Rang police, gave a case number, said they'd be out, still waiting. this was March!.

Haven't found a replacement window yet either. Euramobile conversion, 24" x 37".

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