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Hi, why do I no longer get notified of replies to my watched posts, I guess it is probably something I have inadvertantly altered, but can't find.
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How long has it been going on Curly?

I lost all my notifications, including the Mods ones which are quite important, one evening last week.

I was going to report it to Nuke the following morning, but overnight they had all come home to roost - about 30 of them. (Sly mention of how hard we work!! 8) :lol: :lol: )

Don't know if it was a Provider problem, or something to do with MHF, but it has never happened before or since.


Hi zebedee, thanks for the reply, can't really say how long as I have only just noticed this on a couple of posts that I was interested in replies?
S'funny 'cos I am missing some too over the last few days.
what email provider do you both use ?
i.e. hotmail, yahoo etc as may have been a clogging up on their servers delaying them

otherwise there is an option within your profile to receive notifications that you may have inadvertently switched off ?
I'm with Plusnet as an ISP and use Entourage or MacMail
Hi Nuke, I am using Google Chrome, don't think there is a problem here, I have checked on my profile and the relevant box is ticked. Any further suggestions welcomed. :? :? :?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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