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Returned e-mails

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I have frequent e-mails with relatives in Northern France; I use btinternet, they Orange. All my e-mails go through with no problems at all, but more often than not their transmissions either take up to 12 hours to get through, and in many cases fail to do so; being eventually returned to their e-mail box as being undelivered. My relations are adamant the fault lies in my computer, but this does not happen with any one else. Any ideas please. Thanks, John Hope
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Why not sign up to googlemail, or hotmail then you should be ok.

As a preference I'd go with googlemail, But you still need to be invited to join, which I'm happy to do for you.


when they get the email stating that the email they sent can't be delivered, it will include an error message and error number, these details are needed to determine why the emails don't get through and which part of the system is havinr the problem.

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