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Roller Team Poor Workmanship

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I have a two year old Roller Team on a Fiat chassis and on the roof I have three areas of star shaped crazing I also have corrosion on the bottom of the habitation door and rust on the nearside windscreen strut and this vehicle is wintered undercover, but because the vehicle was purchased in Belgium (urbano) ,Triagano in Grimsby do not want to know and Roller Team in Italy will not answer my E-mails so if anybody is thinking of buying from this group check that you waranty is valid , if anybody has any Idea what the crazing is It would be much appreciated if you could tell me Regards Imlach :idea:
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Roller Team

Hi, check if the crazing on the roof is above a bulkhead in the van, it could be (as in my A/S !) that this has been left too tall and in effect is jammed hard up against the roof. This will cause stress at the point of contact and movement on the road will be transferred up through this point and eventually end up with damage as you describe. All areas of contact should be left with clearance and cushioning material be bonded between. This is common practice in the Boat industry. Hope this is of some help......As you will see, it is not just foreign vans that have build and warranty problems..
Sorry to hear about your problems. We have a CI, which is made by the same company and as it is also a budget van, probably made to the high standards. We and many other CI and Roller Team owners are very happy with the quality of the motorhome.
I think the issue is more of the unconventional method of purchase without checking the warranty position beforehand. Whilst the base vehicle carries an international warranty, there is no obligation on the part of the converter or the retailer to issue any warranty for any other territory than the country of purchase.
The areas of crazing are random and it could be where the roof liner has been attached and the warranty is an international warranty issued by Roller Team who do not want to know, and any work that has to carried out has to be carried out by Urbano and if anybody has been there Billy Smarts comes to mind Regards Imlach
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