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roof rack and ladder

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been trying to find a roof rack and ladder online for a compass avantgarde, anyone have any ideas where i can get one or any tips on which ones are best

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Have a look on the Fiamma website.

They are a generic item not model specific, you buy the side rails and then the cross bars are cut to length.

Dont forget the weight issue if you are bit low on payload !!!
thanks for that, they look the business. does anyone know how they are fixed to the roof or is there anything else we should think about before making a purchase. we've just bought our first motorhome so we are a bit green


roof rack

if i was you i would use stainless steel screws and get yourself some sikaflex 512 to seal round them make sure you seal them right and you should have no trouble.
If you are just going to use screws to fix the roof bars be VERY careful what you put on the roof. Just think of a 60mph wind pushing against whatever is up there.

All of that pressure will be transferred to the screws and then into just the outer skin of your roof !!! which is not THAT strong !!!

Professional advice would be well worth the effort !!
I was only thinking the other day that although quite a number of vans have roof bars you rarely see them being used.

Having said that we could have had bars as part of an Adria Option 3 Pack for an additional £4,000. This seemed extremely steep although I hasten to add that it wasn't just roof bars but flush windows, hab. door with window, overcab skylight, additional heating and a few bits and bobs. Strangely it didn't include a ladder to get you up to the roof bars :? Anyway we manage fine without all that and think the £4K better off in our bank account.

This does point up one strange difference between Adria and most of the UK produced vans. The UK converters tend to offer options packs that provide excellent value and are cheaper than buying the individual items. Adria seem to sell the basic van quite cheaply but really crank up the prices for options. Their aircon prices are almost extortion compared to the cost from Fiat and Ford cabair is nearly a third the price.

Personally, just for Kev, I attach a pair of pics of a Compact with and one without roof bars. Not sure why but to my aesthetic eye the one with appears much more appealing. Maybe it's something to do with proportion.


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