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Route disparity between Garmin unit and Mapsource

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Has anyone else compared the route generated by MapSource and the Garmin unit? After trying several routes it seems to me that the Garmin algorithm is far superior to that of MapSourse. Even after trying and altering the various settings within MapSource. I cannot get it to replicate the Garmin routes. Has any one else experienced this and has any one come up with a solution?


The Garmin unit is 2720 and the vehicle type is set to ‘Truck’
Soft ware for both the Garmin and Map source are up to date
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In the few Mapsource routes that I have done I use waypoints to force the software to take my preferred route. My efforts have been quite amateur but seem to have worked.

With Garmin, at least some units, you can also use waypoints. However some low-end Garmins only have a one waypoint system.
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