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8O HI.just back from touring wales for 10 days..and just have to share this with wife and i and 2 kids 7 and 2..spent 2 days in alton towers ..stayed in quarry park near alton...lovely site and very handy for alton towers..well we rang sandy beach and asked did they take in late arrivals and we were told no problem..told them it would be after 21.30 and we were on route ..thats great and here is the code for the barrier and just pick a site anywhere we were we arrive at 22.00 and find the campsite..thank god for the sat we drive around looking for somewhere to park was very dark and hard to make out the area..also i was afraid to drive on the grass...i didnt want big tyre tracks spoiling the grass..anyway we circled 3 times and could not find i spotted a electric point and parked beside it and plugged the kids ready for bed ...then a quick walk around to check the area..watched a bit of tv and then bed..
woke around 9 am ..put tv on for 2 year old and back to bed..around 9.20 i heard screech of brakes,door slaming,electric cable yanked out and very hard banging on the door...i got up and dressed quickly ..all the time this bloke is banging on the door yelling GET UP GET UP NOW... i opened door and was confronted by what i can only describe as an "out of control lunatic" went something like this..............................................WHY ARE U PLUGGED INTO A METER POINT....
hold on a minute
hold on stop shouting...........
please stop shouting your scaring the kids"kids crying at this stage"
let me explain.....WHO TOLD YOU TO PLUG IN HERE.....stop shouting and let me explain....eventually he calmed down and listened to my we had rang permission to enter late and were told park anyway...he explain we were on a site that some guy had rented and we were using his electricity which was on a was he gonna explain that his meter was gone up....well i explained that we have never come across these meters anywhere before..and it was very dark when we arrived and found it very hard to find a site ..we had 2 small kids who neaded to get to bed...and it was the only power point i came across...told him we would leave immediatly and would never be we packed up as quick as we could and left....we went into reception and complained about being was the blokes father who owned the site...he seemed embarressed at what his son had done...but wasnt too apoligetic...i told him we werent paying and he said thats ok....
so even reading this back.. i am still shocked by what happened.....i cant believe this bloke got so angry over what ...2 or 3 pound for electricity...
did anyone else have problems wiyh this guy or this campsite....please share......thanks darmurt
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