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satelite TV

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Does anybody out there know if I can use my lap top as a monitor for my satellite TV whilst on the road & if so what connections do I need, we feel sure it can be done but none :cry: off the computer stores can help!! Can you ?? Rosmic
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I havent done it but sure all you need is a capture card to take in the Video and audio from the sat receiver..
Something like this,,
If your sat receiver only has a scart output then just get a scart to phono lead..
Sure someone will be along soon who is already doing it... :)
As already indicated, it can be easily done using a cheap capture device. I believe you can also get one of these with a built-in satellite receiver but have never used one.

There are drawbacks however:

Wires everywhere
"Nuisance" to set up
Out of synch sound
Poor viewing angles and contrast on laptop monitor
High current consumption compared to small LCD TV

We've tried it but now use a dedicated TV and satellite receiver, it's much easier and better to watch.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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