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Satellite in Croatia

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Am in Istria in Croatia.I have a 1.3metre dish which we carry on byke rack.
Can anybody tell me should I be able to pick up B.B.C. & I.T.V.
Am getting channel 5.US 5 etc,Sky News.
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Satellite reception in Istria

Am Touring in Croatia at moment.We have a 1.3metre dish.
Can anybody tell me should we be able to pick up BBC & ITV chanels
I would think not. If you've got a Sky box with a viewing card you should get ITV1 by using the 'add channel' option in the services menu.

12402, V, 27,500, 2/3.

You should get some BBC interactive streams by going into the red button menu on BBC News and BBC Parliament.
I think you may be on the perifery of the footprint

According to this map:
you'll need a 1.5m dish. However in good conditions you may well get a signal, the maps are not infallible.
Thanks all for your help.
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