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Saving a Web page

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Now have Vista laptop, also still have XP, trouble is can't remember how I saved a web page. Got lots on my old PC -but cause haven't done it for six months due to travelling -gone :oops: :oops: Must write these things down now I'm an OAP
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Park it in favourites by adding. (Alt + C) if you cant find the icon


For "Offline" viewing Internet Explorer got to "Page" > "Save As"

I then prefer to save the page complete as HTML so change the type to "Web page complete" .... find some where good to save it , give it a memorable name > click "Save". You will have saved a file and a folder with the same name... click on the file to open the page ( the folder contains all of the pictures and detail from the page)

Much the same in all the other browsers :wink:

put mouse pointer on page, Right Click, add to favorites, then select or change name to save.

or click on "File" then "save as" and select where you want it it how you want it etc

but if you have not got your menu at top you need to right click on Toolbar at the top and select "Menu bar"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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