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Sea Fishing in the North West

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I'm taking a friend for a two day trip. He wants to do some sea fishing. Can anyone recommend a camping site that might still have a pitch during next week? I'll be driving from Todmorden, he lives in Garstang and so I don't really want to drive for more than 3 hours from there. Ideas deeply appreciated!

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Suppose Morecambe is too close for him. I was born and bred there and fished throughout my teenage years there.
Glasson Dock just 8 mile up the road is as good a place as any.

Alternatively, try Sandside, the other side of Lancaster. It's were the River Kent flows into the Morecombe Bay. It's very popular with ideal roadside parking along the estuary.

At Milnthorpe on the A6 take the B5282 signposted Arnside.
Thanks for replies but those suggestions probably are a bit too near home. I've suggested to John that they look at North Wales, so any ideas / information on that area would be welcome.

New Brighton on Wirral is a very popular site for sea fishing and you can wildcamp along the the sea wall,especially when night fishing.
A bit further North, Whitehaven (Cumbria) harbour wall is popular with locals. Beach fishing along the Solway coast from Allonby to Skinburness.
You could try Aberech sands at Pwhelli its right on the beach, we go there quite a bit you can catch bass, bream mackerel and the usual doogy's, or Black rock sands at Porthmadog also right on the beach
Thanks for replies. John and his friend have in fact gone to north Wales, to Llandudno I believe. I hope the weather is OK for them.

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