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Search always returns NO results

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Whenever i search through the forums i always get a nil return,
even when searching for something like fridge/sites/cooker....

Whatever, it's always nil
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Have you tried using the google search bar on the forums page ensuring the dot is in the right box for just Mothorhomefacts. I have had far more success using this.
Whenever someone raises this question, in my experience we only move forward when the specific example and the specific search field entries are divulged. Then the explanation becomes trivial.

I've said it many times in the past, that (with one specific issue aside) the search always does EXACTLY what is asked of it.

Well, when I try searching for


I get 270 results, including this thread. :)

I click on Search (between Memberlist and Usergroups), then enter "fridge/sites/cooker...." (but without the quotation marks) and click on "Search".

What am I doing that is different?

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"What am I doing that is different?"

I think it fair to say you are not doing what riverboat did! I'm not sure why anyone would have any reason to enter the search term you did, but thankyou for proving my point. Ain't communication wonderful? :)

Wonderful indeed!

Other points to consider are the Search Options.
1. Forum = All available
2. Category = All available
3. Search Previous = All Posts and search topic title and message text

Another possibility is that you are pressing the wrong "Search" button.

Use the one near the bottom of the page, not the one next to Google (assuming you are not putting your search criteria into the Google box).


ps No, I'm not constantly thinking about this problem!
Hiya, thanks very much for all your help.

I wasn't actually using fridge/sites/cooker as my search term, i had tried each word individually.

However that aside, if i use the google box with motorhomefacts marked, i get no returns.....

But, now i'm using the search box up the top between members and usergroups it works fine

thanks for that Ozzyjohn
Glad you are sorted. Happy searching! :)

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