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When we have been going around the coast we don't prebook a campsite, after all we don't know if we will do 30 miles or 130. So often we find ourselves at a place with no C&CC site or CS and just see a campsite in front of us or on a map and turn up and ask. We have met the expression seasonal tourers more and more often always in a sentence like; "Sorry we only take seasonal tourers".

So is this some sort of way of getting planning permission for a campsite and then being able to fill it up with mobile homes and turn away anyone who doesn't want to stay 3 months.?

Or is it nothing more than an oxymoron? If you are there for a season you ain't a tourer.

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I think it is to do with tuggers that don't like tugging - I used to be one until I saw the light :D

Its campsite owners who have a guaranteed income, less work because the seasonal tourers look after their own pitch, they don't have to be on duty seven days a week because no one is coming and going.

The end result is less sites for people who wish to get out and about :(

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Frank I have often wondered why they do this as really it is a way of storing the caravan on a site and as such surely they could take them off and let out a pitch to us.
Camp sites look full and so we pass them by and try and find somewhere else.
I have found the agreement to Seasonal Tourers:-

The Holiday Reception at the park requires a minimum of 1 days advance notice
each time you are planning to occupy your seasonal pitch. Please report to the
Holiday Reception at the start of each visit.
2. If you intend to let your touring caravan to family and friends, then you will be
required to have a valid Gas certificate, Electric certificate and a Portable
Appliance certificate and you must complete the relevant Park Resorts safety
3. Passes will be issued for up to six members of any booking, an additional charge
will be made if more than six passes are required.
4. The pitch is offered on a seasonal basis only and tourer owners do not have any
tenure rights as applicable to static caravans. There will be no winter storage as
part of this agreement. A separate Winter Storage agreement may be available,
please check with the park.
5. Park Resorts must hold a copy of your insurance policy, which shows Public Liability
cover of AT LEAST TWO MILLION POUNDS before the tourer can be sited on park.
6. Upon booking you will be issued with a copy of the Park Rules, these must be
adhered to at all times. The caravan owner is responsible for the conduct of all
users of the caravan, and visitors to the caravan or whilst on site. Park Resorts
reserve the right to terminate the agreement should the Park Rules not be adhered
7. In the case of an emergency the Company has the right to re-site tourers if
8. All Awnings and Wind Breakers MUST be taken down when the tourer is not
occupied for any period longer than 5 days .
9. Groundsheets should be of the breathable variety, and should be lifted at regular
intervals to maintain the condition of the grass.
10. For safety reasons when the occupier is not on site, only gas bottles that fit within
the unit gas locker will be permitted.
11. Only one vehicle may be parked on the site in conjunction with the use of the unit.
Commercial vehicles are not accepted at the park.
12. The Company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of any description except
in cases where caused by the negligence of Park Resorts, our employees or agents.
13. The Season: 3rd April 2009 – 31st October 2009 (all tourers to be removed from park
by 10.00 AM on 31st October 2009)
14. The seasonal fee is payable in advance and as advertised and includes VAT and
Electrical Hook Up.
15. Termination – Where the caravan owner seeks to terminate the agreement the fee
paid will be refunded on the following scale: Termination of the agreement must be
notified in writing.
Termination before the end of May 80% repayment
Termination before the end of June 40% repayment
Termination after the end of June No repayment
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