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Self Build Van Conversion Parts

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Can Anyone tell me were i can buy parts to convert my van into a motorhome

Also would be best if the dealer/website is in the south of england

Thanks Nobber :p
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Two online companies I have dealt with both given excellent service. and

Best of luck,

Philj has scored . spot on

Also try googleing motorhome / caravan dismantlers

Dave p

Hi Nobber

Welcome to MotorhomeFacts (I missed your first post :oops: )

>> Cak Tanks << is a good place to start, as is >> O'Leary Motorhomes <<.

Do you really want to convert a van yourself from scratch? Quite often, you can see abandoned projects come up on Ebay, which might have had a lot of the hard work done for you.

Also check out >> The SBMCC << for inspiration and specific advice.

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take a look here
and here
i hope this is of some help
Autocraft supplied all my parts when I did a self build. They are near Chesterfield and are very helpful.
I've completed 3 home conversions now, and best advice I can give is join the SBMCC. For £15 you have access to all the club members expertise and a big list of suppliers who offer discounts to members. Also get catalogues from Screwfix, Isaac Lord etc. both useful for hinges, fixings and so on. often much cheaper than the conversion specialists. Just remembered...... Rainbow Conversions, Charles and Sons and Magnum Motorhomes. I also bought stuff from my local caravan dealer. Good luck. it's a most satisfying achievement to build your very own totally unique 'van. And of course you save a bundle of dosh!Mike
Thanks for all your help, much needed.

Once again Thanks :D
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