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I guess our dream is to one day retire sell up and buy the biggest Motor caravan to tour the UK and Europe Is this just a dream that is unrealistic , or would you recommend it. If you or anyone one else have done this and regretted it why. If you think it is a good idea, why?
Looking forward to responses before we make a decision that will be regretted.

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We've met a small number of full-timers while travelling round France and I've no doubt there are others further afield.

The worry for me would be the isolation, travelling for the most part alone without company. Ok you can go for a chat with someone on the same camping spot but its not the same as being part of a community (even a travelling community!).
A particular couple we spent a little time with came back to the UK regularly as he had 2 kids at uni. They were happy to leave the van in secure parking at an airport while they flew back.

Incidentally, the biggest motor caravan may not be the best for long term touring.


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I agree Autostratus, you would need a big van to be comfortable 247 but I dont like the idea of lugging it around, those little country lanes would be a nightmare.

On the other hand it would be a 'oneway trip' so you can just keep going.

I did a similar thing walking across Spain (Anyone heard of Laurie Lee?), sleeping in fields etc - the most amazing sence of freedom and highly recomended.

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I would love it, hubby would hate it.
So, we compromise and take off for weekends, long weekends and a couple of 3 weekers and the odd week. It's the only way I can stay sane!
[but that's relative anyway]
Now that we have the 'net it's relatively easy to keep in touch, share 'photos and news, and I think a lot just winter abroad and return to UK family and friends for summer.
There used to be a forum for full timers in yahoo, but I've not visited it for a while.
Having bummed in Europe in my now long-lost youth, it's surprising how often you meet up with the same people, so I would expect a travelling community would develop, and you could rapidly find yourself with a bigger circle than you have now.
As for van size, it's probably the same compromise as part-timing, and would depend on where you want to go. I only ever carry enough clothes etc for a little more than a week, 'cos there is the amazing invention called 'laundry', where you find campsite with top of the range washer and tumble dryer - all sorted in a couple of hours - even easier than at home!
But, what's David's input on this, jammy %#@*#$£ looks like he's about to take off!

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well me and the wife decided enough was enough, and wanted to get out of the ratrace, we are fairly young fulltimers (Well wannabees)

We are selling up completely and giving it a shot, I intend to write a diary for the site about my preparations / issues etc along the way :)

For all those interested I am very close to accepting an offer on our house which is the first and most time consuming preparation.

After that its probably gonna be a trip over the water to buy a used European MH (Burstner/Euramobil) then another month or two or preps ensuring its kitted out to our requirements whilst away, i.e. we have the following things we want/need:-

Sat Decoder/Dish (Wifes addicted to Eastenders)
Flat Screen TV (For weight/power consumption)
Generator (Just in case when we wild camp)
A good alarm system (Possibly the Strikeback system)
Solar Panels X 2

we have other things we are considering i.e. a small scooter etc for inside garage but depends on payload.
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